Let me help you find the right treatment for you or your loved one

Hensley House Soberliving Home offers a free, non-biased, service, as it is not attached to any particular company. I do not receive "referral fees" or "kickbacks" for any of the suggestions I make. My suggestions are based solely on what I've heard about each particular situation. As your drug addiction specialist, I offer my experience and expertise of the industry, and suggest what I think would be the best course of action on a case to case basis. This is a truly altruistic service which allows me to give back and help people and their families in what is usually a very chaotic and overwhelming experience.

My mission is to help those suffering from substance abuse related issues, their families, and loved ones, to find the best solution to their substance abuse problems by helping them navigate the sometimes difficult to understand world of substance abuse treatment and the myriad of options that can and do become overwhelming. I do this for free, without bias, and without receiving anything in return. I remember when my family went through this process and how confused, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed they were. I want to help other people and their families while they are in this process to act as a guiding light in an otherwise clouded and confusing moment of their lives.

I understand what it is like. I have already helped hundreds of people and their families find the best options for them when it comes time to get help.

It is already a difficult time when someone has come to the point of needing additional help with their substance abuse concerns and in many cases timing is incredibly important. Combining a dire sense of urgency in addition to an overwhelming number of unfamiliar options and choices in such an important life changing and life altering decision can exhaust and confuse even the most level headed individual. Not to mention this is someone you love dearly and care deeply about.

This is where I shine! All I need is a brief understanding of the situation at hand, and I can help direct the person, their families, or loved ones to an effective solution to their problems. I do this simply as a way to give back.

My Story

I've been there. There was a time when I had a moment of lucidity and agreed to go to a substance abuse treatment center for my alcoholism. The moment I agreed, my brothers, their wives, my mom and step dad, my dad and step mom all instantly went into a whirlwind frenzy of phone calls, internet searches, customer reviews, and literally didn't sleep for almost two days while they attempted to put together a plan for me. They are software engineers, they are school teachers, they are commercial real estate brokers, THEY ARE NOT specialists in the recovery industry. They had no idea what they were doing. They had no clue as to if I needed 30 days of treatment, detox, 45 days of treatment, 60 days of treatment, 90 days of treatment, residential, outpatient, clinical assistance, etc.. They eventually just crossed their fingers, threw the preverbal dart at the map and signed me up. It was nothing more than pure luck that they chose the facility that they chose.

I don't want anyone to ever experience the drama and chaos they experienced. I offer this service completely free. I am not biased for one treatment center over another, I don't prefer one method of treatment over another, I don't receive any sort of commendation or referral fee (that is actually highly illegal). I simply look at this as an opportunity to give back and as an opportunity to reduce the amount of stress in an already highly stressful ordeal.

I simply offer free; unbiased guidance. Having helped hundreds of individuals, their families, and their loved ones find the best option for them when they are ready to get help, my experience can benefit others navigate the unfamiliar seas of the vast treatment industry. It’s my little way of giving back to a procedure that saved my life!